Wednesday, 1 June 2011

AND THE WINNER IS................

Just as I did my picking yesterday, the results came out.
I must say, my statement on  I have 'good' eyes for beauty does stand.
My favourite, Ranau, was infact the favourite with eveyone. It's really unfortunate that she wasn't crowned queen . The 'upset' created a lot of 'fuss' with the crowd as so with people leaving negative comments on facebook.

Facial beauty may be subjective when it comes to giving marks but  based on the IQ marks during the interview?  You can't hide anything when everyone were all ears to how you go about answering the question.
I do feel that these people have reason to question on the final outcome based on that.

It was already reason that she comes from the orginising district and most of  the judges were 'their own people' . 
They add insult to injury by saying that she won because she has got the ideal kampungan kind of beauty compared to the others and  also the 'right' name (Bozita  which mean Pearl in Kadazan) to go with it.
It was oviously so bias.  Everything was seen  as nothing short of preplanned.

 ****Two consecutive years, contestant with Kadazandusun-Murut's name crown to be Unduk Ngadau in state level, from the previous queen Crystel Eve Huminodun to the newly crown queen.


Jo Ann Sue Henly Rampas -State Unduk Ngadau 2007
How could she have won if the  kampungan look was a criteria in the selection.
She oviously look so much more orang putih than dusun .
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Crystel Eve Huminodun State Unduk Ngadau 2010-Named one of the most beautiful dusun/kadazan beauty of all time

Out of those I had noted, nine of them made it to the fifteen semi finals list.
Out of that, seven of them made it to the final seven rankings.
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa...that means I got every lady 'right'.... just not in the 'right' order I wanted.

Top 15: Keningau, Inanam, Beaufort, Tuaran, Ranau, Paitan, Kota Kinabalu, Klang Valley, Tongod, Likas, Marudu, Tamparuli, Tanjung Aru, Penampang, Sandakan

Top 7: Tuaran, Ranau, KK, Likas, Tamparuli, Sandakan, Penampang.

Top 3 : 1st Penampang, 2nd Tamparuli, 3rd Tuaran


Winner - Bo Tiza Arthur S. Disimon (Penampang)
2nd placing - Jovenea Jim Lajim (Tamparuli)

3rd plcing- Caroline Anthonny (Tuaran)
4th placing - Shopie Angela Kutam (Ranau)
                                                  Rachel M Alliun (Kota Kinabalu

                                    6th placing - Alvera Raymond Kisil (Sandakan)
7th Placing -Adelyn Joyce Masida ( Likas)

                                                             The crowd at KDCA

FINAL 7 - You can see and compare their actual size and height here

Photography session with the winner's huge family you know why she can win.
This photo was zoomed up for no other reason than to maximise her facial beauty   
The face of my personal Queen  -Unduk Ngadau Ranau 2011
Sophie Angela Kutam

***All these beautiful Photograps are not mine. They belong to a number of  Sabah's aspring photographers.
They earned their place in my blog because they are amongs the best I randomly found online via google.


beaty said...

Is that all photo here is yours? Oh I really surprised that we got the same shot. It's a coincidence?

You also remove my watermark and even not give me a credit. I know the rest photo also. That is my friend taking.

I read ur disclaimer. I'm taking this photo with my own.

It is ME! said...

Im so sorry beaty...yes indeed they are from your work. I thought I did mentioned names on my blog. Probably just not yours.
I will do the necessary acknowledgement. I hope you don't mind me using them. I search them thru online randomly. I must say they are amongs the best online..thus was choosen.I dont think I misused them in inproper ways. But yes..credits should be given when they deserve to .
I will remove them should you said so. Thanks

beaty said...

I dont mind u using my photo anyway I feel honored if someone use my photo.

Yeah every people is made mistake so do I. Let keep the blogging spirit within us.

Yon can keep the photo in the post. But if u don't mind give me a credit. Thanks so much